Crescunda 17

2 Merchant Taylors’ Prep School Newsletter - 05.07.2019 MTP ThisMonth Y8 CCF Expedition Week Taster MTP’s Y8 boys had the fantastic experience of a sneak preview of life in the CCF, and the opportunity of competing with each other for the Mrs Terry Marksmanship & Field Craft Prize. On the Thursday and Friday of Expedition Week, they were put through their paces by Lieutenant Commander Firestone, Captain Sharrock (CCF SSI) and Lieutenant Harratt. Captain Sharrock and Lieutenant Harratt (from the Army Section) briefed the boys on safe use of the paintball rifles, and accompanied them as they each carried out a patrol through part of the MTS grounds and engaged targets. Several of our boys were declared ninjas! Congratulations to Alexander Andelkovic, Oliver Browne, Munachi Nnatuanya and Aayush Pandit. The boys were also briefed on how to construct a shelter from Army equipment, and competed to build the one best able to cope with the elements. The group led by Rohan Olsen came out on top here. Lieutenant Commander Firestone (Contingent Commander, and from the Navy Section) briefed the boys on (and demonstrated) how to overcome the obstacles on the assault course. Encouraged to put in maximum e”cient e ort, the boys took on cargo nets, ropes and walls. Thank you to the MTS CCF sta for their endless patience, expertise and professionalism. Thank you too to Mrs Ciccone and Mrs Gadd for their help supervising the boys in rain and sunshine. The MTP boys learned new skills, more about themselves and particularly enjoyed military humour! Many are keen to sign up when they get to MTS and other senior schools. RW Shelter inspection Target Front! Safety briefing ‘AppyWith That!