Issue 7 Friday 18 March 2016  

Dr McNerney writes....

This term we have celebrated the achievements of our Y8 pupils and congratulate them on an outstanding set of results at 13+. The headline news is that all pupils successfully gained a place at a school of their choice and our school has kept this record for a number of years. The boys have also amassed 15 scholarships between them, which is fantastic for a small year group. A full list of results has been included with this newsletter.  I sincerely thank all of the pupils, parents and staff for their considerable hard work in ensuring high quality performance for everyone.

I would also like to mention the Y6 pupils who have had their places for Y9 in MTS confirmed as part of the new entry procedures; we congratulate them heartily on their achievements.  Some of the Y6 are the recipients of the very first continuity scholarships for MTS: Christopher Joseph has been awarded the Terry Scholarship; the Lee scholarship has been given to Charlie Marshall; and Hasan Khan has been awarded the Wolsey scholarship. Scholarships for MTS have also been offered to Oliver Johnson, Adam Muneer, Niels Redman and Sahil P Shah. All these boys are included in the photograph. Also in the photograph is Kahil Jariwala, who has been awarded a sports scholarship to the John Lyon School. To my knowledge, this is our first 11 plus scholarship for our school and this is a great recognition of Kahil’s talents.

We have had some wonderful musical and dramatic highlights recently: some of our musicians played and sang at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall which was a very impressive occasion featuring all eleven MTS associated schools; we had our first joint Young Musician of the Year competition with MTS and the individual performances of boys at both MTP and MTS were breath-taking; and this week we have been treated to a superb performance of ‘Seussical the Musical’ by Y6. I never cease to be amazed by how talented our boys are.

Staffing news: Miss Bricknall will be leaving MTP at the end of this academic year as she feels it is time to return to her homeland of New Zealand. She originally came for a year in 2003 but we persuaded her to stay for 13 years! There will be time next term to thank her for her wonderful work over the years. Miss Bricknall’s replacement is a very experienced teacher, Mrs Higgins and she will start working for us in September.

I hope that you and the boys enjoy the last week of term and have a restful time over the Easter holiday.

Best wishes

Dr. Karen McNerney | Head of School


Ishaan Aggarwal Merchant Taylors’ School
Harry Bayes Haileybury
Ayush Chavan Merchant Taylors’ School
John Lyon School
Sebastian Constantine Merchant Taylors’ School (Academic Scholarship)
Lucas Johnson Merchant Taylors’ School
John Lyon School (Academic Scholarship)
Neil Kapoor Haberdashers’ Aske’s School (Academic Scholarship)
Merchant Taylors’ School (Lord Hailey Scholarship)
Arav Karania-Shah Merchant Taylors’ School (Academic Scholarship)
Kian Lalani John Lyon School
Sreesh Maheshwar Haberdashers’ Aske’s School (Academic Scholarship)
Merchant Taylors’ School (Academic Scholarship)
Joshua Michaels Berkhamsted School (Art Scholarship)
Wellington College
Toby Michaels Merchant Taylors’ School (Academic Scholarship)
Alexander Milbank Merchant Taylors’ School
Aldenham School
Daanysh Mirza Haberdashers’ Aske’s School
Merchant Taylors’ School
Avi Modi Merchant Taylors’ School
John Lyon School (Academic Scholarship)
Anish Morjaria Merchant Taylors’ School
Sachin Patel Merchant Taylors’ School
Willem Redman Merchant Taylors’ School (Music Scholarship)
John Lyon School (Academic and Music Scholarships)
Daniel Rowlands Merchant Taylors’ School (Academic Scholarship)
Praneil Singh Merchant Taylors’ School
Rishil Sodha Merchant Taylors’ School
Aman Thakkar Merchant Taylors’ School
Arseny Uskov Westminster (awaiting results)
Hampton School (Academic Scholarship)
Sachin Vyas Merchant Taylors’ School
Harrow (awaiting results)














         (T. Michaels was absent)





Y6 MTS Scholars:

Christopher Joseph, Hasan Khan, Oliver Johnson, Niels Redman, Adam Muneer, Sahil P Shah, Charlie Marshall
and the JLS Scholar - Kahil Jariwala
mvp mip
diary dates
anna mcnuff

Saturday, 19 March
Parents' Association Salsa Night
U10 Berkhamsted Football Tournament
Y6-Y8 Ski Visit to Val Di Fiemme Departs

Monday, 21 March
Only Breakfast Club, Prep Club, Late Clubs and Late Activity Club will continue until the end of term
Y3 - Y5 Music Recital 8.45 am Theatre
Y3G Final Swimming Session

Tuesday, 22 March
Y4 House Football

Wednesday, 23 March
An Evening of Poetry & Prose 4.30 pm Theatre
Whole School Staff Meeting 8.00 am Theatre
Y3S Final Swimming Session
Y7 LAMDA Exams

Thursday, 24 March
Term finishes at the end of the school day

Friday, 25 March
Good Friday
Y6-8 Ski Visit to Val Di Fiemme Returns

Saturday, 26 March
Easter Saturday

Sunday, 27 March
Easter Sunday

Monday, 28 March
Easter Monday

Tuesday, 29 March
Watford FC Football Week

Wednesday, 30 March
Watford FC Football Week

Thursday, 31 March
Watford FC Football Week

Friday, 1 April
Watford FC Football Week

Mon 18-Apr
Staff INSET Day

Tue 19-Apr
Staff INSET Day
1st XI Squad Pre-Season Cricket Training 1415-1600

Wed 20-Apr
Term Commences
Y6 & Y7 Tutorial Week
3G Swimming Commences
Y5-Y8 Cricket Trials Begin
Games & PE Lessons YR-Y8 Begin
1st XI v Aldenham School (a) 1415 (RNCF Cup 1st Round)
Y5 Residential Meeting 1630 Theatre

Thu 21-Apr
MTP Mathematics Competition
Y6 Residential Meeting 1630 Theatre

Fri 22-Apr
Staff & Parents’ Coffee Morning
0800-0830 Dining Hall
Y7 Residential Week Meeting 1630 Theatre

Sat 23-Apr
Senior Cricket Coaching Session 1 MTS Senior School

Mon 25-Apr
All After School Clubs commence
Y6 & Y7 Tutorial Week
3S Swimming Commences
E-safety Workshops for boys during the school day
E-Safety Workshop for Parents 1800 New Barn Theatre

Tue 26-Apr
Parents' Association AGM Old Dining Hall 2000

Wed 27-Apr
1st & 3rd XI Cricket v MTS (h) 1415
2nd  & 4th  XI Cricket v MTS (a) 1415

Thu 28-Apr
Junior Maths Challenge
U9AB Cricket v Radlett Prep (a) 1415

Fri 29-Apr
MTS Y5 Science competition 0900-1430
St John’s Y8 Assault Course Challenge 1330-1630
U10AB Cricket v UCS (a) 1415
U11AB Cricket v St. Columba’s (h) 1430
Dedication of the Term 1700 Theatre

Sat 30-Apr
Senior Cricket Coaching Session 2 MTS Senior School

Mon 02-May
Bank Holiday Monday

Tue 03-May
U9AB Cricket v The Beacon (a) 1415
U9CD Cricket v The Beacon (h) 1415

Wed 04-May
Y7 & Y8 House Tennis at Northwood LTC 1345-1630

Thu 05-May
Quiz Club Semi Finals 1000-1100

Fri 06-May
Y7 to Bletchley Park
U11AB Cricket v Radlett Prep (h) 1415
U10CD Cricket v Radlett Prep (a) 1415

Mon 09-May
U11 & U13 SATIPS Ski Race 1000 at Hemel Hempstead

Tue 10-May
 U8AB Cricket v St. Martin’s (h) 1415

Wed 11-May
Y1 &Y2 Wembley Visit
Y5 & Y6 House Tennis at Northwood LTC 1145-1415
Y7& Y8 House Cricket Competition

Thu 12-May
 U8AB v Thorpe House (h) 1415

Fri 13-May
 Y5& Y6 House Cricket Competition

Sat 14-May
 U13 Belmont Cricket Tournament

Neil Prabhakar 7L3             Kishan Bharti 4G
            Sohan Mukherjee 6J3

Praneil Singh  8N2

            Henry Wareing  7W2
Arav Karania-Shah 8N2   & Daanysh Mirza 8L3              Y6 cast of 'Seussical the Musical'
     HOUSE NEWS    
  See the fruits of all our labour

As Spring blossoms at Merchant Taylors’ Prep, we are beginning to see the fruits of all our labour. Warmest congratulations to Year 8 boys with everyone placed at their chosen school and no less than 15 scholarships to 5 different schools. They have all secured their own immediate future whilst upholding the school’s fine academic tradition.

The annual Beale Poetry Recitation competition was another recent highlight with Kishan Bharti (4G) the worthy winner for Livingstone House in Y3/4, Sohan Mukherjee (J3) for Johnson House in Y5/Y6 and Neil Prabhakar (L3) triumphant for Livingstone in Y7/8.

Our Mathematicians competed well at the UKMT Team Maths Challenge achieving 6th place out of 25 schools and all our musicians performed exceptionally well in the ‘Young Musician of The Year’ evening with Willem Redman adjudged our Young Musician 2016 by Mr Lewis Musson of Merchant Taylors’ School.  

Best wishes to the Year 6 cast of ‘Seussical The Musical’, our music examinees, Year 7 LAMDA candidates and our intrepid skiers as they leave for Italy on 19th March 2016.  

We are currently supporting the Marie Curie Daffodil Campaign as a school. The first House charity event was Pancake Races courtesy of Newton whilst Johnson celebrated St Patrick’s Day with Irish fayre on 17th March.  After Easter Wren will have their Yard Sale and Livingstone will hold a Mini Olympics in the summer. Families are thanked for their donations and support respectively.
As always, school life is full of activity and excitement.

Heads of House

  What a term

Looking back over the Spring term, we can’t believe the amount of events and fixtures and the number of highlights there have been. Our boys and staff have truly surpassed themselves. We’ve enjoyed productions in Y3/4 and Y6, music recitals, a visit to Liverpool, we’ve hosted the first ever joint MTS/MTP Young Musician of the Year Competition, Beale Poetry Recitation across the Prep School, Football matches, Ski race training, Mathematics competitions, Cross country races, visits to museums, a Hockey Tour and matches, Book Week, General Knowledge quizzes, St Patrick's Day and somehow we managed to fit in 13+ examinations as well! All of this, and more besides, accomplished in just ten weeks. What a term!

We are really proud of how well all of our boys have done this term but in particular Year 8. They have coped admirably with all the pressure that 13+ brings and have achieved an outstanding set of results, resulting in many scholarships. It is now time for them to change focus and begin preparing themselves for the demands of senior school. We encourage Year 8 to make the most of the remaining weeks and to work with their teachers to ensure that they arrive at their next destination in the strongest possible position. This will require a huge team effort between the boys, their parents and teachers.

We wish all our boys a Happy Easter and a restful holiday. We have much to look forward to in the Summer Term but before that happens, there is the small matter of the Ski Visit…

Mr M Hibbert | Assistant Head of School & Mr A Crook | Deputy Head




Eden Davidoff 5J3,
Arjun Gill 7J1,
Taran Chahil 7J1
Yusuf Saleem 5J3,
Reyaan Rattansi 5J2,
Christopher Joseph 5J,
Shailan Bavisi 6J2,
Daniel Rowlands 8J3,
Anay Patel 6J1

Neil Prabhakar 7L3 
Krish Thakrar 5L1,
Daanysh Mirza 8L3,
Harry Williams 7L2
Sahil P Shah 6L1,
Josh Rayani 6L1,
Aman Thakkar 8L2,
Daniel Drizen 4G,
Ryan Prabhakar 3G,
Kishan Bharti 4G,
Lukas Blom 7L2,
Thomas Treloar 6L2,
Jacob Payne 6L3,
Rayan Joshi 5L1,
Leo Osman 4G

Jayden Thakrar 3G
Mruthyunjai Satheesh 4G
Luka Hinton 5N2
Eesa Siddiqi 5N2
Kayan Howladar 3G
Nikhil Mohan 4N
Ryan Ludhra 4N
Aryan Patel 4N

Edward Lakey W3
Henry Wareing W2
Siddharth Nayar W2
Samuel O'Tuminu W1
Aarian Malhotra W2
Raeef Mohammadi Y3G

  A really great term

This is been another really great term and I am so impressed with how hard everyone has worked and how much progress all of the boys have made. What gives me particular pleasure is to see how much the boys are excited about their learning at school. Nursery and Reception’s topic of “We Love Books!” has created some really fun learning including bear hunts in the woods. They also enjoyed a visit to their friends in Nursery to spend some time together. The photograph shows some boys playing together in the sand in the Nursery garden. The Reception boys have also worked hard to prepare our vegetable beds and are looking forward to planting in them next week.
Year 1 and Year 2’s topic of “Space” has generated a really high level of interest and quality of work. The topic was greatly enhanced by the Playmobil Space Sets that we were able to buy from funds raised by the Parents' Association; thank you! The photograph shows boys having fun assembling their rocket. Today the boys in Year 1 and Year 2 are having a rocket making and launching day to end the topic with a bang! We are most grateful to our “Rocketmen”- Mr Hibbert, Mr De Vynck and Mr Greenish for their help with this.

We have sent home the Easter Holiday homework, outlining our request for parents to develop curiosity skills by baking with their children at home. We are very grateful for your help with this and hope you enjoy tasting the fruits of your hard work! Have a wonderful break over Easter and see you all on Wednesday 20th April.

Mrs S Funnell | Head of Pre Prep

  Nursery Life

Whatever the weather Nursery are never put off from their outdoor learning whether it is in our garden or in the woods at main school. The boys love spending alternate weeks in the woods on Wednesday mornings. They have been able to play games together, use their imagination and explore and investigate their surroundings. This term the boys have enjoyed making stick men using pipe cleaners and resources they have found in the woods. The photo shows Tayer Shyam, Aryan Mehta and Theo Williams busy making their stick men.

While one group of boys are busy taking risks and investigating the woods, the remainder of the boys have a music lesson with Mr Edwards and a PE lesson with Mr Todd. The boys have been learning lots of songs linked to our topics and have learnt to play a range of instruments. In the photo Milaan Patel, Umeedh Ahmed, Arnav Patel and Kiaan Kapoor are learning to play the claves.

During PE the boys have learnt a range of physical skills including running, hopping, turn taking and ball skills. In the photos Vyom Chandaria and Aarav Kakaya are learning to hula hoop, Sahib Ahluwalia is playing bat and ball and Shaylan Solanki is practising bouncing a ball.

In Nursery Daisy the Dog teaches us to have empathy and we have been learning about charity this week. We have enjoyed wearing our daffodils and dressing up in our sports kits for Sports relief. Thank you all for your generosity to these causes.

Mrs G Ladbury| Head of Nursery


On 3rd March Arseny Uskov, Ishaan Aggarwal, Neil Kapoor and Sreesh Maheshwar competed in the UKMT Team Maths Challenge at Wycombe High School where they faced fierce competition, being up against teams composed of two Year 8s and two Year 9s, with many schools able to choose from 150 pupils in each year. Despite this, the boys performed admirably, and ended up coming 6th out of 25 schools, a very impressive achievement.

Mr J Greenish| Maths Teacher

  Anna McNuff

On 12th February 2016, Year 8 were invited by St John's Prep School to listen to Anna McNuff, an adventurer. She has cycled across America, crossing 50 states, and run across New Zealand unsupported. It was amazing and inspiring to listen to her. She encouraged the boys to focus on academic life but also to enjoy life.  She quoted Roald Dahl: “I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. That if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms. Hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.”   We are grateful to St John's for the invitation.

Mrs B Hibbert | Head of ICT

   St John's Hockey Match

We arrived at St John’s in the pouring rain, a very rusty and inexperienced team as the majority of our team hadn’t played hockey since the tour. When we arrived, we discovered that St John’s had a rugby match and that some of their players weren’t there. So, having thrashed their full team 5-0 the time before as a challenge, we played everyone out of position and started with myself (vice captain), Harry Bayes (captain) and other experienced players off the pitch.  But to our surprise, they took a 2-0 lead inside the first 30 seconds with two well taken short corners. We had to turn things around and we quickly scored two quick goals when substitute Josh Michaels scored a great backhanded goal and me with a solo goal. But just before half-time, they managed to get back in front. In the second half, straight from the off, we scored when I managed to get around the defence and finish from close range with Willem Redman deflecting the shot into the goal. But St John’s again went back in front and we were down again. I managed to equalise but they went straight down the other end and scored with a well-worked goal. In the final minute, we were awarded with a short corner and Ayush Chavan finished impressively and coolly with a shot which found the top corner. Our B team managed to win their match 3-2 and overall it was a nice way to end our fantastic year of hockey in which the U12s won THL, and a successful tour to Bath which was a great experience for everyone.

Daniel Rowlands | School Captain

   Under 12 Hockey vs St. John's

It was a great day to play some hockey against St John’s. Unfortunately, we conceded in the first 2 minutes and then a second, caused by a foul and resulting in a penalty shuffle where Aryan Patel (Y7) put up a fight but was eventually beaten. At half time we were 2-0 down and our spirits dented, which was not helped by the sudden change in weather as we were now soaking wet! The second half was great for our team as everyone was defending and tackling much better, letting no-one get through to our goalkeeper. Our first goal came from Jonathan Read - scoring from the top of the D. The second goal came from James Keeney who had a neat finish as he tapped it into the bottom left corner and the final goal was calmly put in at the back post by Thomas Groves which led us to victory with a 3-2 win. St. John's earned a penalty in the last play of the match, but Aryan managed to save twice before the clock ran down.

Rishil Sodha

   Rugby at OMTs

On Sunday 24th April OMT (Old Merchant Taylors’)  Youth Rugby will enter a U13 10s team into the Amersham & Chiltern RFC 10-a-side festival which takes place from 1000-1300. 

OMT Rugby is based at Merchant Taylors’ School in the OMT War Memorial Clubhouse and provides mini, youth and adult rugby.

TFC Rugby - Old Merchant Taylors'
Welcome to the OMTFC Rugby - Old Merchant Taylors' website! Join my club website Manage my membership

This tournament gives a very good opportunity for boys who are entering MTS Year 9 (U14) in Sep 2016  to get to know each other before commencing. This will be the 3rd year we have entered this well organised tournament at U13 level.

We will hold a training session during the Easter Holiday so that boys can get to know each other prior to the event

There will be a nominal charge of £20 to cover expenses/entry fee on the day and we are limited to 20 places – we had a waiting list last year, so please respond promptly to avoid disappointment.

If you would like your son to participate in this tournament please complete your details at: and we will be in contact soon. Gordon Brown. Chair Junior  Rugby OMTFC

Mr D Todd | Director of Sport

   Blindfolds Please
In an effort to offer more and exciting experiences as part of our team building programs, we are again collecting blindfolds (the kind you are given on a flight for free). If you have any lying around at home please bring them in and ask your son to give them to any of the boys in N2 who will be responsible for collection. This year we are also building up a supply of rope (climbing/old skipping rope) to include 'knot-work' as part of their Outdoor Adventurous Program. If you can help it would be very much appreciated!

Mr D Todd | Director of Sport

  Liverpool Combined Concert

Over the weekend of March 3-7 four boys from the Prep School joined forces with our Senior School to travel to Liverpool to take part in the the Merchant Taylors' Company Combined Concert.  Eleven Schools from the Merchant Taylors' Family came together and put on a wonderful concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.  Friday and Saturday were spent rehearsing in our different groups before the concert on Saturday evening.  We were especially proud of Willem and Niels Redman who performed a duet during the first half of Vivaldi's Double Violin Concerto.  They represented our school with confidence and put on an outstanding performance.  In the second half of the concert the combined schools performed Puccini's Messa Di Gloria.  Our boys participated in the both the Choir and the Orchestra.  The performance was moving and uplifting and the boys must be congratulated for performing such a challenging work.  

Mrs C Hawkes | Director of Music

On Thursday 8th March, Dr McNerney, Mrs Hawkes, Kian Lalani, Avi Modi, Niels Redman and I departed MTP to join up with boys from MTS to go to Liverpool for a musical concert. After several hours in the coach we finally arrived in Liverpool. We had dinner at an excellent italian restaurant then we quickly went to bed. The next morning we went to the Crosby Merchant Taylors' School to begin our rehearsals. We left Kian and Avi to rehearse with the choir as we went to the MTS girls school in Crosby to join the orchestra. We rehearsed most of Friday but we were rewarded by a very entertaining evening in which dinner was served as we enjoyed a variety of music from children all across the UK. On Saturday we continued our rehearsals in preparation for our concert that evening. Once we had dinner we prepared ourselves for the concert which started at 7pm. Hundreds of people came to this prestigious event in which many Merchant Taylors' related schools joined together to share their love of music and perform in The Philharmonic hall. The 1st half was mainly solo performances which included Niels and I performing a violin duet by Vivaldi brilliantly accompanied by Mrs Stubbs from MTS. The second half was the joint performance of the Puccini in which instruments and voices united to produce a beautiful piece of music. Overall it was an excellent trip which everyone enjoyed and we were all very proud to have performed in this special concert.

Willem Redman Y8
     Merchant Taylors' Young Musician of the Year.

This year for the first time we invited Merchant Taylors' Senior School to join in our Young Musician of the Year competition.  The stakes were much higher than in previous years, as was the standard.  Mr Couldridge and myself auditioned a wide range of performers and selected 21 finalists across the two schools.  There were 6 categories as well as an overall winner from each school.  I would like to congratulate all performers. The concert itself was a very inspiring event and it was very encouraging to see how much talent we have at Merchant Taylors'.  The winners of each category are as follows;
Piano - Tianyue Ma
Woodwind - Sebastian Constantine
Voice - Neil Prabhakar
Strings - Nicholas Alvanis
Brass - George Wright
Other - Anish Morjaria

Overall Merchant Taylors' Prep Winner - Willem Redman
Overall Merchant Taylors' Senior School Winner - Nicholas Alvanis
Overall Winner - Nicholas Alvanis

Once again congratulations to all performers and much thanks to the staff here at the Prep School and at the Senior School for supporting this combined event.

Mrs C Hawkes | Director of Music

  Y5 Visit Holy Trinity

Year 5 visited Holy Trinity church in Northwood, as part of our Religious Studies.  As we got off our minibus, we could see the imposing stone-built exterior of the church.  It was built in 1854.

As we entered the church, Reverend Godden greeted us with a big smile and asked us to sit on the pews.  The pews are wooden seats and the hassocks are cushions used for kneeling on.  He gave us important information about the Christian faith and Holy Trinity church.

Reverend Godden began the tour by showing us the font.  It is located near the entrance to remind believers of their baptism as they enter the church to worship.  Then we came to the lectern.  It is an eagle-shaped stand where the Bible is read.  He mentioned that the eagle symbolises spreading God’s word to everyone.

Next, we learnt about the pulpit: this is a higher platform, where the priest gives his sermons.  Beyond the chancel, we saw the choir stalls, where the choir are seated during the service.  Next to the stalls was the organ, a huge instrument that creates a surreal sound.

Then we saw the altar, a table used for communion, a service where bread and wine are passed around.  On the altar, there was the cross to remind us of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.  Above the altar, the beautiful stained glass windows depict the story of the life of Jesus Christ.

We had a great time and everyone enjoyed it. A big thank you to Reverend Godden for all his help.

Anish Bharadwaj 5W1 & Arjun Obhrai 5L1

   Busy Term

It has been another busy term in the Science Department and the boys have delivered some impressive work.

We congratulate the Year 8s on their secondary placements and on a fine set of Science results at MTS and their other schools of choice. Well done! These boys have now also completed the work towards their CREST awards and Mr Hibbert and I look forward to assessing these.

The Year 7 boys have covered the larger part of their KS3 Curriculum and generally seem to be settling well into the increased demands of this all-important phase of their learning. Might I suggest that they use the holiday to revise all their work to date well in preparation for the Summer Exams.

The Year 6 boys have now completed their Electricity Investigations and they greatly enjoyed guiding their own experimental work and using the department’s Easy Sense digital data collecting systems (see picture). The write-up of this work acts as a final KS2 practical assessment and allows them the opportunity to push their thinking and application of the scientific method to a new height. Data gathered through this exercise will also be used by Mrs Hibbert in ICT as material towards developing the boys’ capabilities with spreadsheets.

The Year 4 and 5 boys have been enjoying their lessons with Ms Burke and have been positively working towards the high levels of learning and understanding that we aspire to at the end of Year 6.

The Year 3 boys have been benefitting from the dedication that Mr Goddard has shown for developing the provision of the subject over the last few years, and the excitement they show in engaging with investigations and stimulating theoretical work is heartening.

Might I suggest that all boys please prepare for the Summer Exams during the holiday, whilst also taking some time to relax. This should put them in a strong position towards achieving their potential in these exams and also promote a positive and confident approach in the run-up.
Finally, we are getting very excited about the arrival of our allocation of Rocket Seeds from the ISS and should have our experiment up and running for when the boys return from their holidays. This national experiment is a joint venture between the Junior and Senior School, and also MTS. It will provide an excellent opportunity for the boys lower down the school to develop their investigative skills and to so build on the wonderful work that our colleagues there are doing in developing the boys’ scientific curiosity and skills.

Mr H De Vynck| Head of Science

     Pupil of the Month

Year 4 Abhishek Patel for effort and contribution in lesson

Year 5 Shaan Kalyan for a positive and motivated term

Year 6 Ishan Patel for an excellent attitude to his learning

Miss C Burke | KS2 Science Teacher

Y5 Artwork

Mr D Roach | Head of Art and Design
   Y5 - exotic aspects of space

This term I adventured out of the maths department in order to return to my roots as an astrophysicist with Year 5. We then spent a very enjoyable couple of lessons discussing some of the more exotic (off syllabus) aspects of their Space topic. This included: black holes, supernovae, the Oort Cloud and Planet Nine, along with the reasons behind Pluto’s demotion to Dwarf Planet status. We also considered some ways to visualise the 100 000 000 000 stars in the Milky Way, their favourite being the number of squares on a stack of graph paper 170m tall!

Mr J Greenish| Maths Teacher

   Beware… Viking attack!

I take pleasure in presenting an extract from Year 4’s MTP News, the most successful new tabloid of its generation, along with my thanks to the many staff who gave generously of their time (and in Mr Todd’s case of his Sports Hall) to assist, and of course to the boys and parents who helped to assemble their magnificent costumes.

Mr A McConnell | Head of History

On Wednesday 9th March it was Viking Day at Merchant Taylors’ Prep. Gary, from a company called Portals to the Past, came to MTP and taught the pupils how Vikings fought and how to be a Viking.

He showed the boys how to play Fox and Geese. Next the boys took part in a Viking Quiz which also allowed them to learn more about the Vikings’ lives. After that he showed the boys accessories the Vikings used in their daily life.

Gary then handed out some materials the Vikings used to make clothes. Felix (4N) said, ‘I would like to sleep in sheep wool because it was soft and cosy.’

The children were extremely surprised when Gary told them that the Vikings ate fish stew every day.

After that Gary showed the pupils some of the Viking weaponry. All of them were excited! He showed them the Danish axe and said it was the most feared weapon of the time.

At the end of the day, Mrs Ciccone said, ‘It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed learning about the Vikings.’
Mrs Nicholas agreed and said, ‘The boys were in their element; it gave them an opportunity to consolidate everything they had learned in History this term.’

Abhishek Patel, Year 4

    Y6 'Seussical the Musical'

We would like to congratulate all the Year 8 students who took their 13+ papers, they achieved outstanding grades in French and it is a real pleasure to see that hard work and determination pay off. Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the activities that they will get involved in before the end of the academic year:
  • Writing and recording songs in French in order to ‘release’ an album of four songs that they will have to ‘market’ to the current Year 7 boys. The idea is for the Year 8 boys to transfer their knowledge to other students via French songs on the following topics: leisure, holidays, school and home.

  • Researching online about various French-speaking countries around the world and designing PowerPoint presentations to introduce their chosen country to the rest of the class. This cross-curricular activity organised by both the Geography and MFL Departments will enable our students to learn more about the Francophonie (global community of French-speaking peoples) but also about the differences between life in France and in England.

  • Watching popular French movies and completing reading comprehension activities on each of the movies. Being exposed to authentic resources such as French movies and songs is a great way for boys to improve their receptive skills (listening and reading) and will help them a lot to achieve good grades at GCSEs and A-levels.

  • Learning Spanish and German, respectively taught by Mr Kopel and Mr Crook, these taster courses will be extremely helpful for the boys when it comes to choosing one or several foreign languages at GCSE/iGCSE. Please find below a sample of the materials we use for our taster courses, they are mainly based on interactive videos that can be found on the BBC website.

Mr R Kopel | Head of MFL