MTP Parents' Association

Welcome to the MTP Parents' Association page of the school website.

The purpose of this site is to:

Provide information about who we are, with our aims objectives as defined in our Constitution.
Highlight the key activities that we undertake and how you can get involved.

Welcome & Objectives

Welcome & Objectives 

The MTPPA is really excited and enthused about the possibilities of galvanising the community spirit and atmosphere at the School.  Our primary objectives, as stated in the new constitution, are to:

  1. Engage in fund raising activities to provide additional facilities or equipment to enhance learning for the boys and to support local and national charities.

2.   Develop effective relationships between parents, staff, guardians and governors with the aim of bringing
together everyone to enhance the community spirit within.

Key Activities and Your Involvement
As stated above, one of our objectives is to raise funds, which will be primarily directed back into the school. 

Key activities

Our flagship events are the Autumn Fireworks’ Evening, termly cake and uniform sales, Secrets’ Room, Christmas party and Mother’s Day Gift Sale. These are our main opportunities to raise funds and we count on all of your support to help us continue to do this.

We spend the money we raise on "wish lists” submitted by the teachers for equipment they would like to purchase for the boys.  In the past we have also donated money to the New Barn Theatre Appeal and towards the Centenary Celebrations.

We also support local and national charities and occasionally our events raise funds to specific causes.

How You Can Help?
We need help from you in the following ways:

  1. Join the Committee

2.   Offer your help at our events – the success of our flagship events is intrinsically linked to the support received
from you.  If you can spare a few hours helping at one of our events then please let one of us know. There is always so much to do and extra pairs of hands are most welcome.

  1. Offers of non-financial support & donations e.g. food & beverage, stationary, etc.  We would be more than willing to mention your help & support at our next event and newsletter.
  2. Sponsorship – we are looking for ways for businesses to help sponsor some of our flagship events.

If you can help in any of the areas above then please contact us in person or email . We would really appreciate the support.

What We Do Not Do
We have no involvement in the running of the school and certainly no influence regarding any element of the education of our sons.  If you have any questions/ concerns over such matters then these should be addressed to the school.

Want to contact us?
If you have an idea for a Community Event then please send us an email. We would love to discuss further with you. Please send an email to  We aim to respond to every email we get.  Alternatively we are an approachable bunch so find us in the car park, pub or supermarket!

Thank you for taking time to read our web page. We aim to do the best we can within our resources to help achieve our objectives and look forward to seeing you at our next event!

MTPPA Committee


Who we are

The MTPPA Committee


Samir Patel

Chair (Year 4)

Deepa Dattani

Treasurer (Year 3 and Year 5)

Anila Shyam

Co-Treasurer (Year 4 and Year 5)

Ruchi Kamesh

Secretary (Year 1 and Year 6)

Fabricia Amaral

Volunteer Coordinator (Year 5 and Year 7)

Anjna Kapoor

Committee Member (Year 7)

Daksha Patel

Committee Member (Year 7)

Sonal Patel

Committee Member (Year 5)

Shalini Dongre

Committee Member (Year 5)

Sayeda Meghjee

Committee Member (Year 1 and Year 3)

Naomi Wardle

Committee Member (Reception and Year 1)

Grace Mac

Committee Member (Year 1)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

*Friday 11th October - MTPParents’ Association Mutfi Day & Cake Sale (am)

 *Thursday 7th November - MTP Parents’ Association Fireworks Night (6pm)

PA Uniform Sale Documentation