English is a subject that transcends the curriculum. It is an essential aspect of all other studies because it is the spoken and written form utilised by our pupils. It is a constantly evolving subject, and as an English department, we must always adapt, move forward and show a willingness to embrace change, whilst not forgetting the past.

Strong literature is key to the progression of our pupils. We firmly believe that they must experience a range of texts from a wide variety of authors. We embrace texts from a variety of periods and cultures to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the literary world as a whole. Reading underpins our curriculum, and we expect our pupils to read daily. The ability to compare, justify and infer are all vital skills that feed into our comprehension.

A great emphasis is placed on language and communication. A sense of individuality and confidence is imperative, and we encourage our pupils to think for themselves and show a willingness to ask questions and debate. This is at the centre of our enjoyment of literature and forming one’s own point of view is a fundamental value we deem essential. Regardless of format, interpreting and shaping opinions based on texts is what drives English forward.

Language, and its subtleties, form strong foundations when approaching creative writing. Drawing upon one’s own experiences and knowledge of literature are all prime factors in composing a strong piece of writing. The need to improve is highlighted and the open process of redrafting and discussion are principles that motivate our pupils to achieve.

English is a subject that incorporates a plethora of elements. It is notoriously difficult to categorise. Its range is huge, from the technical side of grammar and punctuation to the artistic flair of poetry. We believe that it is the full spectrum of these elements that make English the core subject it is and one we value immensely.