Art & Design and Technology


In both Art and Design and Technology pupils are presented with the opportunity to develop new skills, with which they can participate in an active and creative way to a rapidly changing world.  

In Art, pupils will practise self-expression and will gain confidence in the artistic elements of line, shape, tone, form, colour, texture, and pattern. We take a walk in the shoes of artists, past and present, experiencing Art from ancient times and a range of cultures. Pupils will then use their discoveries to make progress with their own projects.  

Projects undertaken introduce themes and processes such as self-portraiture, still-life drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, app-based artwork, block printing, lino cutting, and collage. Activities are further enhanced by visits to galleries and the chance to attend art clubs and workshops and take part in regular exhibitions in and outside of school. 

In Design and Technology, pupils learn to design and construct objects and products, considering both functionality and visual appeal. The boys will become creative problem solvers and inventors by identifying a range of concepts and practices related to engineering, product design and other exciting creative industries.  

Pupils experience a wide range of tools and processes involving resistant materials whilst in the workshop, ranging from traditional wood working and planning on the drawing board through to mechanisms, an introduction to computer aided design and 3D printing. Pupils are also able to further embellish their knowledge of DT outside of lessons by attending the weekly Young Inventors club.