Who’s Who?

Dr McNerney Head 
Mr McConnell Deputy Head
Mr Crook Deputy Head
Mr Waddington Director of Studies and Head of RS 
Mrs Funnell Head Early Years and Foundation Stage
Mrs Phillips School Business Manager 

Contact Numbers

Nursery | T: 01923 828857
MTP | T: 01923 825648

Who Can Help?

Miss East Head's PA  headspa@remove-this.mtpn.org.uk

For pastoral or academic issues you may wish to contact: office@remove-this.mtpn.org.uk

Your son’s Form Teacher Nursery-Y4 or Tutor if in Y5-8

J1: Mr Goddard
J2: Mr Roach

J3: Mr Tibble

L1: Mr Knight
L2: Mr Greenish
L3: Mr Denham

N1: Mrs Williams
N2: Mr Todd
N3: Mr van Straten

W1: Ms Levy
W2: Mr Bowman
W3: Mrs Waddell

If your child is absent for any reason, please contact the School Office on 01923 825648 or via email: office@remove-this.mtpn.org.uk before 9:00 am

Music lessons - contact the Director of Music through the School Office on 01923 825648 or via email: office@remove-this.mtpn.org.uk

If your enquiry is about lost property please contact the Form Tutor or House Tutor. 

Senior Leadership Team


Karen grew up and was educated in Wimbledon. She graduated from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with an Honours degree in Biochemistry. However, she knew that she always wanted to teach and moved to Swansea to complete a P.G.C.E in Primary Teaching. She has taught both boys and girls in prep. schools in North London and Hertfordshire before joining Northwood Prep in 2001. Karen completed her Doctorate of Education in 2012 and is working towards applying the findings of her research into practice at MTP. Karen started as Head of Merchant Taylors' Prep from September 2015.


Deputy Head of School
Tony grew up in London. He was a pupil at St Paul’s School before reading History at Cambridge. He then studied for his PGCE before entering teaching, spending 11 years in a variety of roles at a large North London comprehensive. He has published extensively about History and History education, with particular interests in American political culture and different scales of curriculum planning. He is one of the editors of Teaching History and is a Fellow of the Historical Association. He joined the then Northwood Prep in 2014 as Head of History, becoming operational Deputy Head of Merchant Taylors’ Prep in September 2018.


Deputy Head
Andrew was educated locally at Harrow County Grammar School and with teachers as parents, vowed never to enter the teaching profession. He duly graduated from Lancaster University with an Honours degree in French, obtained his postgraduate teaching qualification in Modern Languages at King's College, London and taught in France for two years at the Université de Perpignan and a Lycée in the Alps before returning to teach at two London independent schools. In 1991 he joined Northwood Prep to teach French and introduce German and Spanish to the oldest pupils and impart his passion for languages, travel and sport through his games coaching and a variety of trips and activities. He is Deputy Head (Pastoral) and is The Prep School's Designated Safeguarding Lead and Chair of the Pastoral Committee, the House system and the Common Room.


Director of Studies, Head of RS, L2 Tutor
Richard was educated at Eastbourne College, where he won the Duke of Devonshire Classics Prize. He read English Literature and Classical Studies at Reading University, where he became an Army Bursar. Richard opted for teaching, gaining his PGCE (Classics) at St. Mary’s University College, London. Working in preparatory schools since the 1990s, Richard has successfully taught English, Greek, History, Latin and Religious Studies to 13+. He was Head of Classics at Northwood Prep between 1999 and 2021, during which period he has also been, at different times, Head of History and Head of Religious Studies. Richard has written several textbooks for the School, and is an ISEB 13+ Examination Setter. As Director of Studies he  leads the Heads of Subject as they teach the broad and wonderfully rich preparatory school syllabus, and he is responsible for managing assessment data in the School. 


Head of Pre Prep School and Early Years
Sally grew up and was educated locally, in Rickmansworth. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of London she returned to work in primary schools in the area. Her degree specialised in the development of primary age children and children with individual needs, and these interests have always been at the heart of her teaching career. During this career Sally has enjoyed a variety of responsibilities, including twelve years as part of a Senior Leadership Team (SENCo Lead, Assistant or Deputy Head roles) and fifteen years leading a Nursery and Early Years team. She joined Northwood Prep School as Head of Nursery in 2012 and moved to become Head of Junior School in September 2015.


School Business Manager
Colleen joined in 2018, supporting our Administration and Site Team. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in English in 2008. Throughout her career, she has worked in various business roles including: retail management, operations management and customer service. In her capacity as SBM, she now leads HR, procurement and all site operations functioning at the school. In 2019 she completed a diploma in HR and completed the diploma in School Business Manager (via ISBL) in 2021.

Senior Leadership Team


Dr McNerney

Senior Deputy Head

Mr McConnell

Deputy Head/Pastoral Care Group

Mr Crook

Head of Pre-Prep

Mrs Funnell

Director of Studies/Head of Religious Studies

Mr Waddington

School Business Manager/HR

Mrs Phillips

Senior School Staff

Head of Mathematics/W1 Tutor

Miss Levy

Head of English/L1 Tutor

Mr Knight

Head of Science/J3 Tutor 

Mr Tibble

Head of Geography/Head of Wren/W2 Tutor

Mr Bowman

Head of History/L3 Tutor

Mrs Waddell

Head of Classics

Ms Katsarou

Head of MFL

Ms Jasieczek

Head of Art and Design Technology/Head of Johnson/J2 Tutor

Mr Roach

Head of Computing/N3 Tutor

Mr van Straten

Director of Music

Mr Stuart

Music Teacher

Mr Edwards

Director of Drama

Mr Hinton


Mrs Williams

Intervention Teacher

Mrs Sayers

Intervention Teacher

Mrs Lŷ

Mathematics Teacher/ISAMS Administrator/L2 Tutor

Mr Greenish

Mathematics / Intervention Teacher

Mr Westacott

French Teacher

Mrs Lad

English Teacher

Miss Currie

Science Teacher/J1 Tutor

Mr Goddard

Classics Teacher

Miss Benson

Year 3 and Year 4

4J Form Teacher/Head of PSHE and Well-Being

Mrs Jones

4S Form Teacher/Y3&4 Co-ordinator

Mrs Scales

3D Form Teacher    

Mrs Daley

3W Form Teacher

Mrs Wookey

Prep Teaching Assistants and Library


Mrs Smith

Prep School Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cooper

Prep School Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dandeker

Prep School Teaching Assistant

Mrs McManus

Prep School Teaching Assistant

Mrs Vohora

Prep School Teaching Assistant/Charity Co-ordinator

Mrs Gadd

Sports Department

Director of Sport/Head of Newton/N2 Tutor

Mr Todd

Games Staff/Head Of Livingstone/L3 Tutor

Mr Denham

Games Staff

Mr Evans

Games Staff

Mr Carlisle

Games Staff

Mr McNamara

Games Staff

Mr Lambden

Games Staff/Science Technician

Mr Horne

Games Assistant/TA

Mr Rabin

Pre-Prep School Staff

2S Class Teacher/Charity Co-ordinator/Deputy Head of Pre-Prep

Mrs Steed

2P Class Teacher/Communications Officer  

Miss Patel

1D Class Teacher

Mrs Doherty

1H Class Teacher              

Mrs Higgins

Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sheeky

Year 2 Teaching Assistant           

Mrs Stevens

Year 1 Teaching Assistant                   

Mrs Patel

The Manor Staff

Deputy Head of Pre-Prep (EYFS)

Mrs Ladbury

Reception RD Class Teacher       

Mrs Dealey

Reception RM Class Teacher             

Mrs Manley

Nursery Teacher

Miss Razzell

Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Isaacs

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Davies

Reception Teaching Assistant/ After School Care

Miss Thompson

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gillies

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Ms West

Reception TA

Miss Andrews

Reception TA

Miss Elsam

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Vickers-Clasens

Support Assistant

Miss Jewhurst

Welfare/Site Staff

School Nurse

Mrs Chan-Maguire

Grounds Staff

Mr Lake

Site Manager

Mr Harper


Mr Cuddy

Site Assistant

Mr Summers

IT Network Manager

Mr Cho-Yee

IT Technician

Mr Evans

Catering Staff

Catering Manager

Mr McCormack

Assistant Catering Manager

Mrs Groom

Catering Staff

Mrs Fisher

Catering Staff

Mrs Honey

Catering Staff

Mrs Surendren

Catering Staff

Mrs Nuth

Catering Staff

Mrs Iqbal

Catering Staff

Mrs Miller

Catering Staff

Mrs Allen

Catering Staff

Mrs Stainer

Admin Staff

Head’s PA

Miss East

Admissions Secretary

Mrs Stevens


Mrs Douch

School Office/Receptionist

Miss Sadler