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Tooled Up

We aim to provide holistic support to everyone in our school community, in all areas of family life, which is why Merchant Taylors’ Prep School subscribes to Tooled Up Education. This gives all of our families privileged access to a regularly updated digital library, full of evidence-based tips, simple activities, advice-packed videos and enlightening podcasts, on all matters relating to parenting and family life. Tooled Up Education is curated by one of the UK’s leading experts on parental engagement in children’s lives and learning, Dr Kathy Weston.

Dr Weston is passionate about bridging the gap between research and real-life parenting. As a busy parent herself, she understands that loving parents want to do the ‘right thing’ and that parenting is full of joys, but also many challenges. Our children have a vast educational and life journey ahead of them. It is important that they are ‘Tooled Up;’ equipped psychologically with the resilience required to reach their destinations safely and successfully. Watch this clip to find out how the site works.

Get Access to Tooled Up Now:

Simply click on the link below to set up your own personal account by entering your email address and our Unique School PIN  number. You will find this on the Tooled Up Launch email sent by the school, or you can contact Tooled Up for help on:

You can contact us on:

Create my Tooled Up Account

Once you have created your account, you will have immediate access to the entire library of research-based resources, which will help you to support your child in their journey into early adulthood and beyond.

As a ‘Tooled Up’ parent, you will:

  • Feel more supported on your parenting journey.
  • Be able to access evidence-based tips that can help your child to thrive and reach their potential.
  • Be able to ask any question and get the answers you need, sourced from the highest quality research evidence.

Tooled Up is here for you!

Tooled Up is a dynamic library of evidence-based tips; growing in response to parents’ requests for further information. Don’t miss out on Dr Weston’s emails which will keep you updated about new resources and topical issues. When logged into Tooled Up, go to the ‘My Profile’ page and check that you have ticked the box to let her know you are happy to hear from her.  We are delighted to be working together with Tooled Up Education to provide this support to you and your family beyond our school gates.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate in contacting the school office or Tooled Up directly on



24th November


Thanks to all of you who came along to our bonanza week of mental health webinars. For those of you who missed them live, but would like the chance to catch up, the recordings are now all to be found in the Tooled Up library, along with full notes.

Our expert webinars just keep on coming. This Thursday (25th), at 8pm, we’ll be joined by Claire Harvey to discuss how to promote excellent mental health in LGBTQ+ teens. We’ll be sharing the research evidence and will discuss what needs to happen at home and at school to ensure teens have positive self-esteem and a great support network. Book your free ticket now. And, on 13th December, we’ll be talking to educational audiologist Dr Joy Rosenburg, from Oxford Audiology Solutions, about how families with children who are deaf or hearing impaired can build resilience. Public tickets are available here but you can enter your promo code Thrive2021 at the top left at the checkout to get your ticket for free as a parent at a Tooled Up school.

If you have teens embarking on their GCSE year, make sure that you share our GCSE tips video and tip sheet with them. Encouraging young people to try some of the ideas will help them to improve their organisation and mindset throughout this important year. We also know that university applications are of interest to many parents at the moment. Our interview with Susan Smith from All Things Careers provides really usable information on degree apprenticeships and a video on the UCAS application process will be in the library soon. 

Don’t forget to follow Tooled up on Instagram and Twitter, where we are running competitions for parents in Tooled Up schools and keeping you updated on new resources.

10th November 2021

It’s World Kindness Day on Saturday, so we’ve been pausing to think about how we might be able to give a little back over the holiday season. Over the last year, we’ve actually spoken to two experts (Dr Jess Datu and Professor Robin Banerjee) about the power of kindness, and you can listen to both interviews in Tooled Up. To embed altruism into your everyday life, why not see how many of our 100 Acts of Kindness your family can tick off between now and the end of the school term or try one of our family friendly fundraising ideas for a cause close to your heart? Help your children to notice their own kindness by encouraging them to complete our self-esteem building activity, What Makes You You? We have also compiled a list of books to help cultivate kindness and empathy for young people of all ages. 

On a different note, Dr Weston has put together a video for you to share with any older child embarking on their GCSE year. It’s packed full of tips on organisation, revision and planning, which they can put to good use in the run up to the school holidays.

Don't forget that our Mental Health Education Week starts on November 15th. There are still a few places left on our exclusive evening webinars with expert clinicians. Book today, so that you don’t miss out.

3rd November 2021

The half-term holidays have not been quiet at Tooled Up Towers. We’ve just announced our new Researcher of the Month for November, Dr Jo Van Herwegen. Listen to our fascinating interview with her about the potentially damaging impact that common neuromyths can have on children’s outcomes, particularly if they have neurodevelopmental conditions. How many of them would you believe to be true? 


Just in time for Bonfire Night, we’ve also got a fantastic new quiz about the science of fire. Sure to provoke some family discussions, each question has two answers - one more simplified answer suitable for younger children and a second more in depth response, appropriate for secondary pupils, as well as a list of books to help teach young children about fire safety.


Did you know that children’s habits and thinking about money are generally established by the time they are 7? Helping children to become financially literate is a crucial life skill. To give you a headstart, we’ve made a fantastic finance quiz to test your whole family’s financial knowledge. It’s available either as questions to read off the screen (or print out) and as some fabulous quiz cards, to make it into a real game. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a list of our top tips about how to talk to children about money, coming to the library very soon.

Finally, our Mental Health Education Week of evening webinars with leading experts discussing a host of issues relating to mental health and wellbeing is only 2 weeks away and places are filling up fast. Tickets are on a first come, first served, basis, so don’t delay. Find out more and book on the Tooled Up Education homepage now!


15th October 2021

Earlier this week, it was World Mental Health Day, so now seems the perfect time to remind you of the vast array of evidence-based resources linked to mental health and wellbeing in the Tooled Up library. Our wellbeing category currently contains 160 resources and is growing constantly, in response to your needs. 

We can’t wait for our very own Mental Health Education Week, exclusively for our Tooled Up community, starting on November 15th. Get ready for a week of evening webinars, all of which are open for registration now! Find out about anger management strategies with Dr Anna Colton, self-harm with national expert, Professor Ellen Townsend, the importance of sleep for mental health with Joanna Kippax of Wye Sleep, OCD and anxiety with psychiatrist, Dr Anna Conway Morris and the role of clinical psychologists in supporting young people’s mental health with Dr Tamsyn Noble. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis. Make sure you don’t miss out by registering now!

6th October 2021




Here at Tooled Up, we are listening and responding to your questions and queries. Based on parents’ requests, we have introduced a resource that can help introduce boundaries to children’s gaming habits, one that can aid the home-school partnershipand make parents’ evenings a little easier and, just to prove we can be light-hearted, we have added some fun resources on the latest Bond film. We asked Ian Kinane, Professor of English Literature at the University of Roehampton, to get us up to speed ahead of seeing the new release. Check out his five things you need to know before you see No Time to Die’ resource and test your knowledge with his James Bond Quiz


If you prefer educational webinars, here is a menu of what we are offering in November. 


4th November - Just in time for bonfire night, we'll be having a fascinating chat about Children’s Relationship to Fire and Fire-setting, with criminologist and author, Joanna Foster. 


Later in November, Dr Weston is hosting a Mental Health Education Week for Tooled Up Schools. All webinars are free for you to attend:


15th November - Anger Management Strategies with Dr Anna Colton

16th November - What Every Parent Needs to Know About Self-Harm with national expert, Professor Ellen Townsend

17th November - The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health with Joanna Kippax of Wye Sleep

18th November - OCD and Anxiety: A Parent’s Guide with psychiatrist, Dr Anna Conway Morris 

19th November - The Role of the Clinical Psychologist in Supporting Young People’s Mental Health with Dr Tamsyn Noble